boomer construction - detroit

"If you don't know where to find it, call Boomer." For almost 100 years, major building contractors throughout the Detroit area have followed that advice.

Boomer Construction Materials distributes over 2,500 different products, primarily concrete, and steel related items to the major general contractors in the Detroit area. Our company boasts the largest inventory of all similar firms in the area.

Inventory, fabrication, expertise, service - these are the hallmarks that make Boomer "the contractors' first choice." But that is hardly how we began.

In 1903 Issac Boomer was a mason contractor. After completing his jobs, he would routinely dispose of any leftover materials such as bricks and mortor. It dawned on him that he might add to his profit by selling the excess. Soon after, it dawned on him that he might make a whole new career out of it.

And soon after that, Michigan Builders Supply was born, barely half a mile from our present downtown location on East Forest. Issac Boomer's biggest seller was coal, which for decades was the product of choice for heating purposes. During the Great Depression, he also made and sold bricks out of a plant in nearby Hamtramck.

By the '50s, the coal business had declined. Fortunately, postwar economic growth resulted in the development of specialty materials for the construction business such as coatings and grouts.

Around the same time, Issac's son Roy replaced his father as head of the company. Roy had joined his father shortly after graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan in 1907. Major projects completed in the busy '50s included Northland Shopping Center(the nation's first indoor mall), the City County Building, and Beaumont Hospital.

The decade also installed a third and most defining generation within Boomer Construction Materials. Roy's son Bob came to work soon after graduating from Wayne State University in 1950. He went on to solidify our company, establishing its position as the area's foremost construction materials distributor.

The company continued to grow, as did its industry-wide reputation for knowledge and reliability. In 1973 it became a member of the Association of Construction Distributors International(ACDI), an organization of comparable companies that share information and techniques to increase product lines and profits.

The construction business is directly affected by changes in raw materials and technical upgrades. In the late 1980s, Boomer Materials shifted part of its concerntration into concrete-reinforcing steel.

We also formed a Contract Division to fabricate and sell custom-made products. With an outside sales staff and in-house engineers, Boomer's capabilities extend into fabricated reinforcing steel, structural mesh, structural steel and anchor bolt assemblies. This forward-thinking expansion put our company in the perfect position to serve the needs of contractors during the tremendous resurgence of Detroit-area construction in the '90s and beyond.

Boomer Construction Materials is proud of its status as a "Detroit-based enterprise." The prime consideration it recieves as a DBE - mandated by the city of Detroit - is its reward for "sticking it out" through the good times and bad. Today, we are involved with virtually every major project in the Detroit area, from schools and casinos to the new Wayne County Jail.

After a full century, Boomer Construction Materials continues to earn its standing as "the contractors' first choice."

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